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Spark inspiration in your kitchen!

You’ve never seen a more versatile superfruit. Use them to top hearty summer salads, or craft a delicious glaze for your favorite protein. No matter how you use them, you’ll have friends and family asking for more!

You’ve Seen Them Before

You just may not know it yet. Tart cherries are found in craft beers, granola bars, mulled wine, pre-made cherry pies—and even cherry Pop-Tarts. But they’re even more versatile than that. Add them to a healthy bowl of tabbouleh, or spice up your holiday meal with a tart cherry chestnut stuffing. The possibilities are endless.

How will You Use Tart Cherries?

Add the unique flavor of tart cherries to your favorite recipes for an unforgettable twist.

Tart Cherries in Smoothies

The Healthy Alternative

Tart cherry juice makes a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary sports and soft drinks. Mix tart cherry juice concentrate into sparkling or still water for a guilt-free flavor explosion.

Tart Cherries for Snacks

For the Team Moms and Dads

Dried tart cherries make the perfect post-game snack for active kids. Plus, they’re naturally lower in sugar than other fruits like cranberries and apricots, and less sticky than your average raisin—making them great for trail mix!

Tart Cherries for the Holidays

Shake Up the Holidays

Try a tart cherry sauce as an alternative to cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, or craft a tart cherry and chestnut stuffed turkey roulade to surprise your guests with something new and memorable.

Find Tart Cherries Near You

Ready to experiment with tart cherries for yourself? Find them frozen, canned, juiced, or dried in a grocery store near you.

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