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Take Their Word For It

From clinical research to lifestyle magazines, everyone's talking about the next superfruit: the powerful tart cherry. Explore why health and nutrition experts are preaching about tart cherries.

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"The findings mark the first time melatonin has been pegged as a naturally occurring substance in food."

"Tart cherries are amazing, they are very rich in an antioxidant called anthocyanins, and with those come a lot of benefits."

"Research is revealing links between the fruit and a number of cardiovascular benefits."

"Puree fresh or dried tart cherries with savory ingredients including garlic, onion, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil."

"Tart cherry consumption lowers blood pressure in men."

"Montmorency tart cherry juice may benefit athletes in more intermittent, prolonged sports including sprint related sports such as track, cycling, soccer, rugby, and hockey."

"Tart cherries may be the key to a brighter brain."

"Tart cherry juice has become a popular, natural means for many people to sleep better."

"Tart cherries and their juice make an ideal late-night snack since studies suggest they may help you sleep better."

"Our findings suggest that tart cherry juice could be an easy and effective way to add more nutrient-rich fruit to the diet and maintain heart health."

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Eating healthy is important, but that doesn't mean it's easy. When trying to balance a busy lifestyle, family, job, and other responsibilities, finding nutritious foods that are both flavorful and convenient is a challenge. Fortunately, there is one fruit that is good for the body and the palette, and it just happens to be the next superfruit.

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